Chevrolet Suburban-Full-Size SUV!

or all our clients who need a traditional full-size SUV’s massive passenger and cargo capacities, the Chevrolet Suburban is one of the best choices Sophielimo has to offer. Our Suburban will meet all your ground transportation needs offering you a spacious, smooth and safe ride to your destination.

ully redesigned with higher-quality interior, leather upholstery and high-tech features, our Chevrolet Suburban is perfect for big families and groups who intend to ride in a safe and modern vehicle, without having to worry about the packing lighter. One of the most capable SUVs on the road when it comes to passenger and cargo capacity, our Chevrolet Suburban will definitely be your best friend, regardless of your destination. Call Sophielimo today and book our Chevy SUV for your next private event or group outgoing and enjoy the smooth ride.


Cadillac Escalade - Best Luxury SUV in it's Class!

ne of the best luxury SUVs in its class, the Cadillac Escalade is a classic yet luxurious vehicle and it’s one of the top choices among Sophielimo’s clientele. If you are looking for a large traditional yet luxury SUV, to meet all your transportation needs, look no further than Sophielimo’s fleet. Our 2015 Cadillac Escalade has plenty of space for seven passengers and the spacious trunk gives you the ability to travel with more than your carry-on luggage. Its classic yet modern outside look is topped with a modern and detail oriented cabin, with plenty of legroom for a top comfort ride to your destination.


Lincoln Navigator - Client's Choice

ith a refreshed interior and exterior, the 2015 large SUV Lincoln Navigator is closer to its rival the Cadillac Escalade, than ever. Featuring plenty of room in the cabin and trunk, this SUV is ideal for families and small groups. Our clients at Sophielimo appreciate the care and devotion we show our fleet and know that choosing any car, will ensure a safe and comfortable ride to their destination.

he 2015 Lincoln Navigator is one of the choices our clients have when it comes to large SUVs. With high-tech features and pleasant interior, the Lincoln Navigator provides a great ride experience no matter the length toward your destination. If you are looking for a spacious vehicle for you and your friends, coworkers or family members, to travel comfortably, call us at Sophielimo and let us fulfill all your ground transportation needs with the best cars a transportation company fleet can have.


Our SUV Premium Features

5-7 Passengers

hoose between our 2015 Lincoln Navigator or our new Cadillac Escalade XXL, depending on your needs. No matter how far away your destination will be, there will be no lack of comfort and safety when traveling with Sophielimo.

24/7 Service

ophielimo’s highly trained specialists are here to assist you with all your transportation needs, seven days a week, from one sunrise to the other.

7 Luggages

ur SUVs have plenty of room for luggage. Spacious trunks give you the possibility and convenience to travel with more than your carryon.

Experienced Drivers

ur chauffeurs made driving their career. With training similar to the staff of a five star hotel, each of our drivers is ready to offer five star transportation services to all our clients.

Premium Leather

hen it comes to comfort, we choose the best for our clients. Premium leather is the way to go and the classic black will always look the best, inside and outside.

Luxurious Fleet

mpeccable service can only be done with impeccable fleet. This is our commitment to you: luxurious fleet, highly maintained and constantly upgraded to the top standards of transportation requirements.

Best in Class

hen you request a SUV from Sophielimo, you have the guarantee you will be getting the best in class.

Unmatched Services

e like to think about ourselves that we are unique in everything we do for our clientele. An unmatched service is Sophielimo’s signature and our long-time clients can attest to that.


Real SUV Photos

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