Mercedes S550 - Executives Top Choice!

he mighty S550 is the top-choice of all our executive clients when it comes to in-stile luxury transportation in and outside the city. The iconic Mercedes S550 is a fewsteps above all other luxury sedans, made with German precision and packed with sophistication, luxury and refinement.

he S Class comes close to the Bentley Flying Spur when it comes to luxury features in the cabin; the quality of the ride, on a busy highway or from a stoplight to another is Chicago’s traffic. Our care for the comfort and safety of our clients is depicted in the quality and safety of our fleet. That is why, us, at Sophielimo will always choose the best makes and models when updating our fleet, and the Mercedes S550 is one of our company jewels.

here is no other luxury sedan that provides such a quiet and smooth ride, that the S Class. The interior also speaks volume, with its luxurious features, black leather upholstery and elegant lines. Book our Mercedes S550 and ride in style with Sophielimo, to your next business meeting, FBO departure or any special event in Chicago and Chicago land area.

Audi A8 - Client's Top Pick!

udi A8 will always be one of our clients’ top picks when it comes to luxury sedans due to its performance, high-level of comfort and top-quality features. Book our A8 for all your transportation needs and you will have the pleasure to enjoy a supremely luxurious interior, made with extreme attention to details and high-quality materials, along with all the high-tech features this luxury sedan has to offer.

o matter the length of your run, or how noisy the world outside its cabin might be, the Audi A 8 will protect you, within its silent interior, offering a smooth and confortable ride on all road-types, regardless of the amount of traffic.

ts features and qualities make the Audi A8 one of the best rides in its class and us at Sophielimo take pride in having this amazing vehicle included in our fleet. Book your ride today and choose our Audi A8 as your car, for a safe, comfortable and high-tech features empowered ride.


BMW 750i - Powerfull Choice!

he powerful BMW 750i completes our executive sedans fleet, giving our clients the option of a bigger luxury sedan than its competitors. Being a popular choice among our clients, the 7 series could not be ignored when it comes to luxury sedans options. Its cabin is exquisitely trimmed and features high-quality tech equipment for a comfortable luxurious ride.

f you prefer a powerful yet safe ride, the BMW 750i is the car of your choice. We as Sophielimo treat our fleet with maximum care so that all our costumers can benefit from the full capacity and luxury offer by each car in our fleet. Book your next ride with Sophielimo and your destination will be safer and easier to reach at any moment, while enjoying the high-quality cabins of our executive sedan fleet.


Cadillac Escalade - Best Luxury SUV in it's Class!

ne of the best luxury SUVs in its class, the Cadillac Escalade is a classic yet luxurious vehicle and it’s one of the top choices among Sophielimo’s clientele. If you are looking for a large traditional yet luxury SUV, to meet all your transportation needs, look no further than Sophielimo’s fleet. Our 2015 Cadillac Escalade has plenty of space for seven passengers and the spacious trunk gives you the ability to travel with more than your carry-on luggage. Its classic yet modern outside look is topped with a modern and detail oriented cabin, with plenty of legroom for a top comfort ride to your destination.


Our Executive Premium Features


4 Passengers

o matter what brand and model of executive sedan you choose, we guarantee you will have enough leg-room and feel confortable all the way to your destination in any of our executive sedans: S 550, Audi A8 or de BMW750i.

24/7 Service

ophielimo offers around the clock service and assistance for all our costumers. Our professional drivers, along with highly trained reservation specialists and dispatchers are here to make sure all your transportation needs are fulfilled at any time.

4 Luggages

pacious trunks give you the possibility and convenience to travel with more than your carryon, but there is no compromise when it comes to legroom and confortable traveling.

Experienced Drivers

ur chauffeurs made driving their career. With training similar to the staff of a five star hotel, each of our drivers is ready to offer five star transportation services to all our clients.

Premium Leather

he interior of these executive sedans was handcrafted with incredible attention to details for an elegant, luxurious yet practical and comfortable feel.

Luxurious Fleet

mpeccable service can only be done with impeccable fleet. This is our commitment to you: luxurious fleet, highly maintained and constantly upgraded to the top standards of transportation requirements. Car fleet inventory subject to change based on current availability. Rest assured same class cars available only.

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Best in class

hoose between the classic Mercedes, powerful BMW or beautifully designed Audi, to ride in style with Sophie Limo. Our executive sedan fleet is the definition of comfort, luxury and safety.

Unmatched Services

e like to think about ourselves that we are unique in everything we do for our clientele. Over the years, returning costumers and new ones, were constantly impressed by the quality of services we provide, by the manner we deal with every booking, big or small. Unmatched services are Sophielimo’s signature and our long-time clients can attest to that.






Sophie Limo Black Car Services


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